• Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engg.CVRCE
  • Instrumentation Device and System Lab.
  • Instrumentation  System  Design Lab
  • Electronics Lab
  • Instrumentation  System  Simulation lab
  • Process Control Instrumentation Lab
Welcome to Department of Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering

The Department offers B.Tech in Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering , started in the year 2006 with an intake of 60 students.This course was introduced as there is an increase in demand in the field of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering and it is a complete blend of technical subjects involving both Electronics and Instrumentation fields imparting adequate knowledge and expertise. With the advancement and widespread applications of Electronics and Computer in Instrumentation and Control, the syllabus is framed to include core courses of Electronics, Instrumentation.The faculty members are involved in carrying out the research in the area of Process Control & Instrumentation, The department has well established laboratories namely

  • Applied Electronics Lab.
  • Electronics Instrumentation & Measurement Lab.
  • Instrumentation System Design Lab.
  • Instrumentation Systems Simulation Lab.
  • Instrumentation Device and System Lab.
  • Process Control Instrumentation Lab.

The performance of the students in academics has been outstanding with students bagging good no.of University ranks . Students have also participated in various conferences, symposiums, workshops etc at both National and International level and have brought laurels to the Department.

Role of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineers

The responsibilities of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineers will be with the design, construction and maintenance of instruments and entire instrumentation systems of any industrial undertaking. After completion of this course, students will have very high opportunity in almost all Automation industries, processing industries, chemical industries, bio-medical instrumentation , Power plants, Fertilizers & Chemical industries, Petrochemical industries, Navigational & Aerospace Organization, Food Processing Industry, Weather Stations etc.An Instrumentation engineer supports control-system engineering activities by designing, developing, installing and testing a company’s electrical and instrumentation systems. The main focus of E&I engineers will be in the field of Control systems design , Process control and instrumentation, Electronics design and manufacturing ,Engineering research and development, sales and service of technical equipment, Project and technology management etc.The challenges involved in studying Instrumentation Engineering (such as problem solving, having a design focus utilizing technology to benefit society, etc) and skills (such as project management, communication, technical, analytical, team membership, leadership skills etc) needed to perform the job as Instrumentation Engineer.