• Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engg.CVRCE
  • Instrumentation Device and System Lab.
  • Instrumentation  System  Design Lab
  • Electronics Lab
  • Instrumentation  System  Simulation lab
  • Process Control Instrumentation Lab
Welcome to Department of Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering

The Department have well equipped laboratories with more than 60 computers with various software and hardware relevant for the industry. Each laboratory has adequate space as per AICTE norms. The following are the laboratories associated with AEIE department.

  • Applied Electronics Lab
  • Electronic Instrumentation & Measurement Lab
  • Instrumentation System Design Lab
  • Instrumentation Systems Simulation Lab
  • Instrumentation Device and System Lab
  • Process Control Instrumentation Lab

Name of the Lab Major Equipments
Applied Electronics Lab Digital Storage Oscilloscope,Function Generator,Bread Board,Analog Trainer Kits,Digital Trainer Kits.
Electronic Instrumentation & Measurement Lab Bridge Measurement Module,Strain Gauge,Potentiometer,Spectrum Analyser,Bread Board
Instrumentation Devices & Systems Lab Strain Measurement Module LVDT Pressure Measurement using Piezoelectric Transmitter Trainer, Hall Effect Transducer Active filter trainer, Capacitive Pick up Trainer, Instrumentation Amplifier LDR/Photodiode/Photo transistor characteristic Trainer, RTD Module PH measurement trainer, Temperature Measurement & control Module
Instrumentation Systems & Design Lab 8086 Microprocessor trainer ,8 Digit LED Matrix Display LCD Display interface Board Stepper motor controller with motor 2 Channel 8 bit DAC interface Board ADC & DAC/measurement & control module 8Channel ADC interface Board ANA-DIGI-Breadboard Computer Set Digital Oscilloscope
Process Control Lab Air Compressor, Level Process Controller, Flow Process Controller, Pressure Process Controller, Process Control Simulator, Temperature Control System, Digital PID Controller,PLC Module